Construction under sandwich panels – Practical tips

Construction under sandwich panels – Practical tips

Construction under sandwich panels

Sandwich Panel Construction – Installation of Sandwich Panels

In this article, we outline the best construction methods for sandwich panels and an effective way to install such panels. If you are interested in building a solid steel hall with a roof covering, it is worth reading this article.

What is the structure under the sandwich panels?

Sandwich panel construction is a construction method that enables the creation of a solid steel hall with a roof covering. These types of structures are extremely popular in industrial, commercial and agricultural construction. Their main advantage is their fast and efficient installation and load-bearing strength.

With the right choice of materials and workmanship, the construction under sandwich panels provides a completely sealed structure that perfectly protects the interior of the hall from adverse weather conditions. This type of construction also allows a great deal of freedom in the configuration of the interior of the hall, which is particularly important for industrial and agricultural facilities.

How do you build a solid structure for sandwich panels?

A structure for sandwich panels can be built using a steel frame and sandwich panels. There are a number of installation methods and techniques to create a robust and durable structure. Below are some of the most important construction steps:

Choice of materials and construction geometry

When building a sandwich panel structure, it is important to choose the right materials and geometry of the structure. The most commonly used materials are steel and trapezoidal sheet metal. A steel structure with a polyurethane foam core provides adequate thermal insulation. The structure can be galvanised to increase its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Installation of sandwich panels

The installation of sandwich panels on a structure is a key stage of construction. The panels should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and care should be taken to ensure that they are properly processed. In the case of roof panels, it is also important to position the panels correctly to minimise thermal bridges.

Construction under sandwich panels

Construction of a steel hall

The construction of a steel hall requires precise execution of the structure and its assembly. The steel structure must be fixed to the foundations using appropriate mounting elements. In the case of larger steel halls, additional brackets, columns and other components are also used to ensure adequate rigidity of the structure.

Roof and wall coverings

Roofing and wall cladding can be realised using sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are a popular choice due to their thermal insulation properties and aesthetic appearance. It is also important to properly coat the panels with anti-corrosive paint to increase their durability.

Heat transfer coefficient

An important aspect of construction under sandwich panels is the adequate provision of thermal insulation. Panels with a polyurethane foam core provide excellent insulation to reduce heat loss through the walls and roof.

Repairs and maintenance

For structures under sandwich panels, it is a good idea to carry out regular repairs and maintenance. The condition of the panels and the structure should be checked and, if necessary, repairs and replacement of damaged components should be carried out.


  • The sandwich panel construction is an effective way to build a solid steel hall with a roof covering.
  • Installing sandwich panels on a structure requires the right choice of materials and precise work.
  • The choice of panels with the right thermal insulation properties and an aesthetically pleasing appearance is important for the durability of the structure.
  • Regular repairs and maintenance help to keep the structure in good condition for many years.

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